Wild Weenies – Game Bird Recipe 3.25 Oz


“Indulge your dogs with top-notch treats straight from the finest butcher shops! These delectable treats are crafted with 97% poultry and organs, providing a protein-rich reward that will leave your furry companion begging for more. Stella & Chewy’s ensures that each treat is made with responsibly sourced proteins, guaranteeing a wholesome snacking experience. The treats boast a unique shape and texture, enhancing the delight for your canine. With a high-protein recipe and an irresistible taste, these treats are a perfect choice. Plus, they contain no grains, peas, lentils, or potatoes, making them an excellent option for sensitive dogs. Give your furry friend a treat you can both feel great about!”


“Stella & Chewy’s is committed to providing pet parents with the finest food choices, and that’s why we prioritize the exclusion of added hormones or antibiotics in our products. We firmly believe that selecting the right food is a crucial decision for any pet owner. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers and ranchers whom we personally know and trust. With our raw dinners, you can expect a remarkable 90-95% composition of meat, organs, and bone, ensuring optimal nutrition for your beloved pet. Additionally, our animal proteins are free from any artificial hormones or antibiotics. To further enhance the nutritional value, our frozen and freeze-dried raw recipes incorporate vitamins and minerals from wholesome, certified organic fruits and vegetables. We are proud to use 100% organic fruits and veggies to provide a well-rounded and nutritious meal for your furry friend.”


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