Saas Medium Green & White Pet Slicker Brush with Comb (14.5×9.5cm)



Wow Grooming have introduced an easy to use Smooth Slicker Brush, exclusively designed and made for Wow Grooming.

It has been developed on a soft pad with a comfortable handle, perfectly shaped for the use in the hand.

The pins are in double rows placed close together – amazing for all styles of coats for finishing when drying, fluffing and brushing.

The soft pins are ideal for even the softest coats and will help to avoid coat breakages and damages.

It is not for very long coats or detangling but perfect for finishing and maintenance.

The medium Smooth brush will sort all breeds and is easy to work with.

Size: 17.1 x 10.6 x 4.4 cm overall

Images are not to size.


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