Oxy-Med Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo


20-ounce bottle of TropiClean OxyMed Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Pets
For pets with allergies and sensitive skin, OxyMed Hypo-Allergenic Muesli Shampoo is a gentle cleaning solution developed with our light coconut cleaner. Aloe, oats, and vitamin E are added to this product to condition and moisturise the skin and coat while also bringing relief. For use on puppies and kittens, this hypo-allergenic, tear-free product deodorises and gently rehydrates their skin. TropiClean Pet Products don’t use animal testing.


With oatmeal, aloe and vitamin E, OxyMed Hypo-Allergenic Oatmeal Shampoo gently cleanses while moisturising and conditioning your pet’s delicate skin and coat and reducing itching.
OxyMed Hypo-Allergenic Muesli Shampoo is formulated with our gentle coconut cleanser for animals with allergies and sensitive skin.
Detergent, dye, paraben, and fragrance-free solution is a safe one.
This hypoallergenic, tear-free cream softly deodorises their skin while also gently rehydrating it.
Don’t worry, spot-on treatments won’t wash off. Thanks to our gentle coconut cleanser, TropiClean shampoos have an unmistakable fresh scent and a thick, evident clean lather.
Want to try even more novel things? Various natural pet products, such as dental care, itch relief, flea & tick treatments, and others, are also available.


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