Royal Canin Sterilized Dry Food for Mini Dogs (Up to 10kg)



Royal Canine Art.No.: 1311657 Royal Canin Sterilized Mini Is Dry Food For Small, Neutered Dogs. It Helps Small Breed Dogs Maintain Their Ideal Weight With Its Reduced Calorie Formula. After Spaying, Your Dog’S Metabolism Slows Down And He Seems To Prefer Lounging On The Sofa To Going On Adventures Outside. Nonetheless, He May Still Devour Every Meal With A Great Appetite. Royal Canin Sterilized Mini Is Suitable For Neutered, Adult Dogs Up To 10 Kg. The Food Satisfies Hunger With Good Quality Nutrients That Help Your Dog Stay Lean And Active. How Does Royal Canin Sterilized Mini Help Your Neutered Dog Maintain Its Ideal Weight? Royal Canin Sterilized Mini Contains An Optimal Combination Of Different Dietary Fibers For Regular And Healthy Bowel Movements. The Food Can Also Help Fill Your Dog Up So He Eats Fewer Treats. The Formula Contains Less Fat To Help Your Dog Maintain Its Weight And Avoid The Health Problems Associated With Being Overweight. Royal Canin Sterilized Mini Contains An Optimal Combination Of Different Dietary Fibers That Help Your Dog To Feel Full And Enable Regular And Healthy Bowel Movements And Optimal Digestion. Royal Canin Sterilized Mini Is Proven To Be A Successful Food To Prevent Weight Gain: It Contains 14% Fewer Calories Than Conventional Adult Dog Food. Mixed Feeding With Royal Canin Sterilized: Our Sterilized Feeding Program Is Available In Two Variants: As A Crispy Dry Food And As A Tasty Wet Food In A Fresh Pouch. Both Variants Are Suitable As A Single Food, But Can Also Be Perfectly Combined With Each Other. You Can Mix Wet Food And Dry Food In Any Ratio. The Advantages At A Glance Maintaining Ideal Weight Especially For Neutered Dogs A Healthy And Balanced Diet.


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