Acana Dry Food with Free Run Chicken, Wild Flounder & Fraser Valley Greens for Small Breed Puppies



For proper growth and development of your pet, its diet must be rich in proteins and fats of animal origin. ACANA PUPPY SMALL BREED formula consists of 70% free-range chicken and turkey, as well as freshly caught Pacific flounder fillet. The food is developed according to the WholePrey™ principle, which means that in addition to meat, it contains entrails and cartilage in a natural ratio. Thanks to this approach, your dog’s menu will be filled with all the necessary nutrients, eliminating the need for additional vitamin and protein supplements.

ACANA does not contain high glycemic ingredients such as grains, rice, tapioca or potatoes. But the composition is rich in various fruits and vegetables – 30% of the diet.

Biologically Appropriate ACANA foods are prepared daily in our award-winning factory using the highest quality fresh Canadian ingredients. This means that your puppy will grow up healthy and full of strength to delight you with fun games.


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