Whimzees Toothbrush Shaped Dental Treats for Small Dogs (4 Pieces)



W himzees Toothbrush Star Chewable snacks, with completely natural ingredients. They are a tasty and low-fat food that dogs love. Laspeciale plant-based composition helps eliminate tartar and plaque. Vegetable and completely natural ingredients containing fibers that encourage a aaregular digestive activity and teeth cleaning. The fiber-rich structure guarantees a more resistant and superior quality product. Completely natural ingredients bring completely natural colors. Each color offers a different added value. The product does not contain: artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, ocher sugar. The particular sizes ensure a correct flow of blood to the gums and also produce bad breath and the formation of etartar plaque. Long lasting thanks to the particularity of its composition and the production process. The grooves allow the snack to reach even the smallest spaces between the dog’s teeth


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