Rosewood Natural Eats Low Fat Beef Tender Dog Treats



Royal Canin put the animal first in everything they do. Every decision they make is based on years of study in their own centre and on partnerships with veterinary schools, universities and breeders. The aim is always the same, to provide precise nutritional solutions to meet the need of your pet. Those needs can be very different and one food does not suit all. Age, breed, size and lifestyle are all taken into account. Royal Canin were the first to meet the different needs of small, medium and large breeds, and to develop breed specific foods.

Did you know that over 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight.* Even small amounts of excess weight can start to affect their health and wellbeing. Royal Canin Light Weight Care is formulated for dogs predisposed to weight gain to achieve and maintain an ideal bodyweight with a balanced formula of protein and fat.

Royal Canin Light Weight Care is now available as dry kibble and loaf in pouch formats. Providing complete and balanced nutrition when fed individually or in combination. Please follow the feeding guidelines based on your dog’s ideal adult bodyweight; mixed feeding and individual guides available.

*Royal Canin internal studies 2018.

Royal Canin Canine Care Nutrition Light Weight Care Wet Dog Food is suitable for adult dogs of all sizes with a tendency to gain weight.


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