Dogsee Chew Small Yak Cheese Bar Treats for Small Breed Dogs



Looking for the perfect chew for your little bundle? The perfect long-lasting dog chew sticks for puppies and small breed fluffies is here! The Dogsee Chew Small Bars is just what your puppy needs to take out their natural chewing instincts. Sourced straight from the Himalayas, Dogsee Chew’s Hard Bars are not only 100% natural but also the best dog treats India has to offer. These cow and yak cheese treats for dogs are super healthy, super delicious, super long-lasting, and also help in fighting Plaque and Tartar. It also keeps your furry involved and gives them the much needed mental stimulation to keep them happy!

Ingredients: The simple 3-ingredient recipe includes: Milk. A dash of lime. A pinch of salt.

Composition: Crude Protein: Min 59.2% Crude Fat: Min 5.2% Moisture: Max 10% Fiber: Max 5.9%

Usage: Compared to rawhides, antlers, and bully sticks, these chews are healthier alternatives. These Himalayan cheese chew treats are 100% natural and high in nutrition (59.2% protein and 5.2% fat). They are completely free of preservatives, added colors, and chemicals, as opposed to unhealthy rawhides, which are processed with harmful chemicals. These treats become soft on chewing on them, so they’re good for your dog’s teeth and gums, as compared to antlers, which are very hard


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