Saas XS Light Blue Dog Harness with Leash (150x2cm)



This blue dog harness forms part of our NEW City Harness range, upgraded from our core collection for improved quality and design.

A combination of premium nylon fabrics and vegan leather, our light blue dog harness has been designed to provide pups with maximum comfort during their walks.

Back-clip fastening with chrome D-rings and delicate stitching, the City Harness helps to distribute weight and allows greater freedom of shoulder movement.

Featuring stylish sliders on the chest straps, this baby blue dog harness can be easily adjusted for a more precise fit.

To fit, simply place the unbuckled harness on the ground and gently pop your dog’s front paws through the harness leg holes.

Then, pull the harness up onto your dog and position the straps between their shoulder blades.

Once correctly fitted, clip the heavy duty buckle in at the centre of the back and adjust the harness straps accordingly.


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