Flexi Classic Small Red 5m Retractable Cord Leash for Dogs (Up to 12kg)



Freedom on the Leash :- The unique advantage of a retractable flexi leash is that it allows the dog to move naturally and discover the surroundings while the human partner maintains control over the dog. When it is neither allowed nor appropriate for the dog to be off leash, the retractable flexi leash enables dog and human to walk in harmony. Millions of dog owners in over 90 countries wouldn’t want to miss this experience. In use, the retractable flexi leash will never sag. Because of this, the dog can be stopped at any time using the brake. This allows the owner to safely control the dog. By using the brake and arm movements, the dog can be brought to heel. In case the dog is to heel, the brake of the retractable flexi leash can be locked. You can learn more about handling and safety of the retractable flexi leash in the user guide. QUALITIY & CRAFTSMANSHIP:- flexi leashes are small wonders in their own right – packed with innovative ideas, patented technology and handcrafted details. Each model is assembled by hand and undergoes various quality checks before your tail-wagger actually gets to use it. The reward: uncompromising standards of perfection that will satisfy the needs of even the most energetic dog. Our leashes are tested to the limits to ensure that they can support even the most vivacious dogs throughout their lives.


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