Bio PetActive Opti Biomega Pet Liquid Supplement



Omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids enriched with fish oil, contains vitamins and zinc to promote a healthy skin and shiny coat in cats and dogs.

OptiBiomega; is recommended for cats and dogs that are old and suffer from sickness traumas. OptiBiomega helps in the treatment and prevention of certain skin and fur disorders caused by vitamin or fatty acid deficiencies.

Omega 3; Increases the oxygenation of the brain (especially in older animals) and improves the performance of active dogs. It increases the learning capacity of puppies.

Omega 6; The lack of omega-6 leads to dry, brittle and thin appearance of the fur. It also affects the integrity of the skin; Skin becomes more sensitive to dehydration and infections.

Zinc; It is vital in collagen and keratin synthesis. It has healing properties and helps the animal’s fur to look beautiful.


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