Royal Canin Wet Cat Food for Adult British Shorthair (1+ Years)



Royal Canin® British Shorthair Adult In Gravy Is Specially Formulated With All The Nutritional Needs Of Your British Shorthair Cat In Mind. The British Shorthair Typically Has A Sturdy, Heavy And Muscular Body. As A Naturally Solid And Powerful Cat, Your Cat´s Weight Should Primarily Derive From Muscle Instead Of Fat. Therefore, The Right Nutrients (As Well As Correct Portion Sizes) Are Essential. Royal Canin® British Shorthair Adult In Gravy Contains A Moderate Energy Level And An Adapted Fat Content (3.2%) For Effective Weight Management. Royal Canin® British Shorthair Adult In Gravy Contains A Specific Balance Of Nutrients, Including A Variety Of Vitamins, To Not Only Maintain A Healthy And Well-Nourished Coat, But Also To Support And Maintain Healthy Skin. To Cater To Each Cat´s Individual Preferences, Royal Canin® British Shorthair Adult Is Also Available As Dry Food, With Crunchy And Tasty Kibbles. If You´re Considering Mixed Feeding, Simply Follow Our Feeding Guidelines To Ensure Your Cat Gets An Accurate Amount Of Both Wet And Dry Food For Optimal Benefit.


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