Royal Canin Second Age Dry Food for Kittens (Up to 12 Months)



DIGESTIVE HEALTH: During growth, the kitten’s digestive system remains quite fragile as it continues to develop. An exclusive combination of nutrients helps support the young kitten’s digestive health and promotes optimal stool quality. Highly digestible proteins, fibre , and prebiotics help support beneficial intestinal bacteria.  NATURAL DEFENSES: Growth is a critical phase in a kitten’s life: During this key period, the kitten’s immune system develops gradually. The exclusive complex of antioxidants and prebiotics in Royal Canin Kitten help support the kitten’s natural defences. HEALTHY GROWTH: The balanced content of highly digestible nutrients, including proteins, vitamins and minerals, in Royal Canin Kitten helps support the development of the kitten’s bones and muscles, while meeting the energy needs required during growth.


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