Royal Canin Home Life Dry Food for Indoor Long Haired Cats



Living indoors and long haired: two more reasons to feed a tailor-made diet: Cats with long and semi-long hair are even more susceptible to formation of hairballs. To be renewed and retain and retain all its beauty, a long-haired coat requires larger quantities of specific nutrients. Their more sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of weight gain and digestive disorders linked to a slower intestinal transit. Healthy digestive transit and the elimination of hairballs thanks to an exclusive combination of fibres including viscous and insoluble fibres. Thanks to a high protein content and active nutrients, including vitamin A&B, essential fatty acids, chelated trace elements, borage oil, and fish oil. Thanks to a high content of L.I.P. protein selected for its high level of assimilation, which reduces the amount of fermentable residues in the intestine.


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