Fofos Excite Beige & Blue Wand Teaser Cat Toy with Plush Cactus



– Fofos Cactus Wand Austin is a plush cat teaser toy with imported US-grade catnip leaves and powder inside.

– The toy is made of a durable wooden stick, robust rope, and soft fabrics.

– Interactive toys help unleash a cat’s natural desire to hunt, play, chew, and swat, and even promote harmless biting and scratching.

– The toy helps build confidence, especially for anxious cats, and is great for exercising and keeping them alert.

– The toy is ideal for small kittens and older cats, including Persians and other breeds.

– Consistent and scheduled playtime is recommended, starting with five-minute daily sessions.

– The toy is 100% biodegradable, with natural feathers attached.

– It helps release pent-up energy and anxiety and builds trust with shy cats.


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